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The thought of buying life insurance can be scary, but you want to make sure you and your loved ones are covered in the event something happens to you. We offer whole and term life insurance coverage for people of all ages!

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Life Insurance – where do I start?

How do I know how much life insurance I need?

How do I know if I need term insurance or whole life insurance?


To determine the amount of coverage:


1. Add your outstanding debt:









2. Add a comfortable amount for funeral expenses ($10,000-$15,000)


3. Subtract other life insurance coverage that you have in place.






4. Add enough coverage to replace 6 months to one year of your income (optional).


5. Add an amount to provide for educational expenses of your children (optional).


6. Add any amount that you wish to leave as an endowment to a church or other organization (optional).




To determine the type of life insurance coverage:


Term life insurance = You are essentially renting an amount of coverage that is price locked for the length of the term.  


Things to consider when determining the length of the term:

  • How many years do you have left on your mortgage?

  • What is the age of your youngest child?

  • Health history changes. By locking in a longer term of coverage, you protect yourself from paying a higher rate later or being denied coverage in the future.


Whole life insurance = You are purchasing a life insurance policy today that will continue until death or age 100+ (refer to the life insurance companies illustration for exact age).

  • Purchased for a child provides a life time of insurance, at the lowest premium possible and builds cash value.

  • Purchasing a whole life insurance policy is having peace of mind that your funeral expenses will be covered and not left as a financial burden to your loved ones.



Sharing your ideal budget amount with your agent allows them to customize a program to help meet as many of your needs as possible.

  • Mortgage balance

  • Student loan balance, car loans, personal loans

  • Credit card debt

  • Any other outstanding debt

Total: $ ______________This number represents the minimum amount of coverage you need.

Total: $ ______________This number represents your desired amount of life insurance coverage.